Resolutions to Make for 2014

When the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, millions of people made resolutions to eat better and live healthier. However, come February, many of those lofty goals will be out the window.

New Year’s resolutions often fall to the wayside because they are too generic, overwhelming or unattainable. Instead, it is better to make simple resolutions with specific action plans to help you meet your goals. Just take it one day at a time. Also, keep in mind that many of the resolutions we strive to achieve are lifestyle changes—they can take the entire year to accomplish.

Here are our top food resolutions and suggestions to make for 2014:

• Keep your Goals Attainable: Remember that resolutions such as “eating healthier” and “getting in shape” are very large goals to achieve. Not only are these goals, they are lifestyle changes! Set a big picture resolution, and keep yourself on track all year with smaller, monthly goals. Simple, attainable, monthly goals are a sure-fire way to stay up beat and motivated throughout the entire year.

• RAAWard Yourself: Stay motivated and on track all year long by treating yourself occasionally. If your resolution is to get in shape, don’t beat yourself up for missing a day at the gym; instead, be positive about all of the days you do go. Another method of staying positive—cheat once in a while on your new diet. Changing your eating habits can be tough. In moderation, sneaking a sweet treat once in a while will keep the temptation at bay in the long run.

• Divorce your Phone: A fun incentive to make sure you aren’t nose deep in a juicy article at dinner—have everyone place their phones in the center of the table at the beginning of the meal; the first to pick up their phone before the meal is over, picks up the tab. Not only will you get the quality time with those closest to you, you won’t be comparing your resolution results with folks in faraway places, or tempted to sway from your goals by decadent recipes on Pinterest.

• Cut out Soda: Soda is, for the most part, a lot of empty calories and harmful chemicals; and that includes diet soda. The National Cancer Institute has warned people about the excessive use of aspartame (a sweetener used in many diet drinks). Instead, swap out your soda with water, juice, or tea. Don’t try to do it all at once, especially if you are a soda fiend. Rather, try to cut down to one a day, and then slowly go from there.

• Reach for more Fresh Juice: Juicing is a great way to get your daily recommended dose of veggies and fruits. However, juicing your own fresh produce can be very time consuming and expensive. Instead, reach for ready-made juices such as RAAW™ Juices (produced by Raw Foods International). They are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO verified, kosher, and contain no added preservatives or flavoring, no water, and no added sugars. Not to mention, they are delicious, so your whole family is sure to enjoy them!

• Think about Nutrition: Don’t make yourself a slave to a specific caloric intake each day. Instead, look for ways to bring more nutrition into your life, such as big green salad for lunch and fish and veggies for dinner. Additionally, Dr. Oz suggests that you get your fruits and veggies in all day long. Don’t try to eat each day’s recommended serving at supper. Instead, have some fresh veggies in your omelet for breakfast, snack on a smoothie with spinach or on a fresh pear, and sauce up those dinner time veggies—if you make them fun and desirable to eat, you are significantly more likely to keep them in your diet. It’s more fun than counting calories and eating unpleasant diet fare, and it is more effective in the long run.


Spiced Strawberry Purple Carrot RAAW™ Cider

Eating healthy and making smart choices isn’t always easy, especially during the winter months. Not only is the weather frigid and unforgiving, for many of us, fruits and vegetables are out-of-season.

If this bone-chilling winter weather has you reaching for calorie laden lattes and rich hot chocolate instead of fruits and veggies, you are not alone. However, now is the time when your body is craving fresh nutrients in order to help you stay focused and energetic. Sugary drinks might satisfy in the moment, but they won’t keep you active and feeling good throughout the day.

Luckily, we have a cozy, family-friendly solution that can satisfy your sweet tooth, all while ensuring that you are sharing a healthier drink this time of the year. Make a batch of Spiced Strawberry Purple Carrot RAAW™ Cider for you and your family to enjoy tonight!

It’s a breeze to throw together too! We know you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing treats and missing out on quality time with the ones you love, so we’ve made this easy.

Combine your ingredients in a slow cooker or crock pot:
8 Cups of Apple Cider (in a pinch, apple juice will work)
2 Cups of Orange Juice
1 Cup of Lemon Juice
1 2/3 Cups of Pineapple Juice (equivalent to 2 small cans)
1 1/2 Cups Strawberry Purple Carrot RAAW™ Juice (one full bottle)
4 Cinnamon Sticks
12 Whole Cloves
10 oz. Sliced Frozen Strawberries

Place the slow cooker on low heat for about 3 hours, or until all of the ingredients are sufficiently warmed and well blended. For a more prominent strawberry flavor, add a second bottle of RAAW™ Strawberry Purple Carrot and additional sliced frozen strawberries. Strain the warm cider before serving. Place all of the leftovers in a pitcher and store in the refrigerator – stir and nuke in the microwave before serving

SPC_SpicedCider (2)