Who Says You Can’t Drink a Purple Carrot?

In today’s fast-paced society, grocery shoppers are often faced with hasty food choices, leaving little time to contemplate what actually makes for a healthy snack or beverage. In fact, plenty of the so-called healthy foods lining the grocery store shelves are full of artificial ingredients.

Luckily, Raw Foods International has created an all natural it Tastes RAAW® Juice; a delicious line of premium quality fruit and vegetable juice blends.

At Raw Foods, we were really looking to bring a product to the health-conscious consumer shopping for a natural juice at a modest price point. We think we’ve hit the mark with our line of RAAW™ juices that boast unique flavor profiles like Strawberry Purple Carrot, Raspberry Lemongrass and Pineapple Cucumber. Each juice tastes fresh-pressed and is truly a sensory explosion of flavors.

In addition, it Tastes RAAW® prides itself on truth in labeling and boasts products that are verified by the independent Non-GMO Project, gluten free, vegan certified, kosher certified and contain no added sugars, no preservatives and no artificial flavoring or dyes.

Each juice is flash pasteurized to ensure quality and preserve the crisp flavor quality, during which the vitamins and nutrients are retained. The innovative line of juices includes something for everyone, like the Mango Guarana for a natural energy boost, Better Beets to kick start your cardiovascular health, or Cranberry Ginger to cleanse and protect your immune and digestive systems.

Our juices provide a natural alternative to sodas, energy drinks and artificial juices. We’re dedicated to giving shoppers the best quality product, and it doesn’t get much better than 100 percent natural fruit and vegetable juice!


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