The Top 30 “Whoa” Moments at the Fancy Food Show

Raaw’s natural juices are bright, fresh tasting, and will be available in Whole Foods in California by the end of February. Pineapple Cucumber was a favorite.

This year’s Fancy Food Show wraps up today at SoMa’s beastly Moscone Center after a terrifyingly well-attended weekend thanks to one Martin Luther King. It was nearly impossible to push through the wall-to-wall people without bumping into local bloggers, artisancrafters and Ruth Reichl—all of them doing their best to take in as many flavored waters, cheeses, boutique pickles and granola samples as possible without suffering from palate fatigue.

If anything is to be learned from this year’s foodocalypse, 2012 will be the year of food-based skincare spinoffs, caviar for kids, and water in flasks. It will also be the year when—finally—you’ll be able to get your weekly hits of carbonated soda and collagen in candy form. Lets skip the “three is a trend” roundups for now and hit the gallery above, busting with 30 photos to give you a feel for all that was crazy, cool and ridiculous at the three-day taste fest. Onwards!


3 thoughts on “The Top 30 “Whoa” Moments at the Fancy Food Show

  1. Amazing juice I had it at the SOBE wine and Food festival the flavor is awesome you can taste every ingredients in the juice. My favorite is “Better Beets” ….

  2. We really enjoy the Raspberry and Lemongrass, Pineapple and Cucumber, and Passion Fruit with Wheatgrass on the Island of Hawaii (The Big Island)! But, there’s no retailer who has brought all of them in. I am sure we would enjoy them all!

    Keep Up the great work folks! Aloha!!

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